World Hand Hygiene Day 2019

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Diversey Proudly Supports World Hand Hygiene Day For The 7th Consecutive Year.


As members of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Private Organizations for Patient Safety (POPs), we are committed to raising the awareness of hand hygiene importance through this year's World Hand Hygiene Day campaign on 5th May, themed "Clean Care for All: It's in Your Hands".


If you haven't yet, you can easily show your campaign support by signing up your facility at:


And every year the WHO provides a number of great tools to help your facility celebrate. These can be found at


Engage social media as well: post a selfie to the official selfie board, put up one of this year's posters, or become a star in your own way using the poster maker! You can download and use Diversey's social media poster too.


In addition to the usual activities, this year the WHO is inviting you and your facility to complete the 2019 WHO Global Survey on Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) and Hand Hygiene, you can find out more at:


The survey assesses the IPC and hand hygiene activities in your facility. Using standardized and validated tools, the survey helps the WHO gather a situational analysis of current IPC and hand hygiene activity around the world to gauge progress that help inform future efforts and resources for improvement.


To complete the survey, two assessments can be found here:


Printable files can also be downloaded for reference.

  • The WHO Infection Prevention and Control Assessment Framework (IPCAF)
  • The WHO Hand Hygiene Self-Assessment Framework (HHSAF).


As experts in hand hygiene and infection prevention, Diversey is also committed to providing additional support to any facility conducting the HHSAF. If you would like support carrying out the assessment or creating an action plan for improvement, please get in touch.


Facilities that score particularly high on the assessment will be forwarded for hand hygiene award recognition. At this time, Diversey would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the most recent winner, Erciyes University. Diversey is delighted to have been a part of helping them achieve this tremendous success.


For further help and support please contact us (, and follow our 5th May celebrations on social media at LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.